Emmel & Louis Ornamental Iron

If you're looking for beautiful, custom-built ornamental iron work, look no further!

Invest in an impressive iron gate and fence

Let us customize it for you

When you call our team, we'll schedule a consultation with you at your home. We'll handle the entire process for you:


• We'll take full measurements

• Create a custom gate and fence for you

• Let you choose the details

• Get full, custom installation


All it takes is a quick phone call to our team to get your project underway. Call us today to get a FREE consultation.

You'll love our gates and fences

It's an instant, impressive look when a home has an iron gate and fence around it. Not only does it add sophistication, but these gates are often used to enhance security. When you trust our dedicated professionals to craft the perfect iron gate and fence for your home or business, you'll love the results you get from us.

Choose gates and fences with the details you love

Our residential and commercial gates and fences are completely customizable. We'll custom weld and fabricate them to fit your specific needs. All of our products are custom built in our shop for you. That ensures quality construction.

Expect superior workmanship on your fence and gate

When you purchase beautiful iron work from us, you get a product designed for you. That means we pay attention to the details to ensure a beautiful, finished look is always achieved. Count on us to impress you with our products.

Call us to schedule a FREE estimate on gates and fences

No matter what the scope of your project is, our team is happy to help you to create the look you desire. We'll come to your home to answer all of your questions. Let us help you with your iron railings and decorative staircases as well. Our competitive rates stand out.

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